(updated 11 Mar 03)


That annoying sound you hear while your dial-up modem connects. (kamasushi@aol.com)

What a dog does on your leg. (junkmailmagnet42@aol.com)

Apple flavored lasagna. (bchbms99@aol.com) Oh, yummy.

That nap you want to take after a big plate of Lasagna. (FreeLooseDirt@sbcglobal.net; jeriangeo@aol.com)

The new, lasagna-flavored, iced drink at Starbucks. (skibip@aol.com; Pootybrew@earthlink.net) Even yummier...ugh.

Technical term for what happens to the knees of primates as they age. (kamasushi@aol.com)

What a southerner calls putting their feet up for a rest. (lacee7700@aol.com)

Postponing the inevitably of a nap by a 3-year-old, thus making them more uncontrollable and unruly than usual. (YeIIowRoseOTX@aol.com)

A new $12 coffee-flavored drink at Starbucks that combines a frappe with a 30 minute wait. (kamasushi@aol.com)

The art of lagging behind when you go somewhere with your parents so nobody will know you are with them. (trlymurph@aol.com) There's an art to that? I thought that was instinct.

What a redneck auto mechanic uses to keep his wheels on. (Jjambra@aol.com)

A condition in which those little snoozes keep occurring later in the day. (HerzogVon@aoil.com)

Oh, that's just the recycled air from the flight depriving your brain of oxygen...

The coma-type nap you take when jet lagged. (Aliciavpromos@aol.com)