(updated 19 Feb 03)


The act of marrying more than one of your first cousins..or other blood relatives. (Baitsmotel6@aol.com)

It's when more than one lid fits on a Tupperware bowl. (askiam@aol.com)

Giving a blood transfusion to all 7 of your wives. (Mistahtom@aol.com) All at once??

The act of a vampire remaining loyal to only one source of blood. (SMiller234@earthlink.net)

The steadfast demand of plastic over paper whenever asked the question at the grocery store. (JOSQUARD@aol.com)

Only donating plasma to one specific donation center. (ricktodabone@aol.com)

A ghost orgasm. (DrownedRat@hotmail.com) Soooo...then what is ectoplasm...uh, nevermind.

The disease you get when you drink too much and get plastered more than you should. (NITRAMXXX@AOL.COM)

Cosmetic surgery that lengthens the legs. (lacee7700@aol.com)

The exclusive, excessive use of one credit card. (reidayork@aol.com)

Being faithful to one blow-up doll. (StanYan1@aol.com)

Multiple plastic surgery operations. (MooseSpeak@earthlink.net)

A cheap, artificial substitute for mahogany. (HerzogVon@aol.com)

Being faithful to your wife because she let you buy that really cool flat screen TV. (rsherman@netplexgroup.com) Well, at least during football season.

Reunion tour name for the Plasmatics. (seeker@vcoms.net)

The Red Cross was only accepting B+ blood that day--they were practicing plasmogamy. (chefrandy@charter.net)

The ancient art of folding blood plasma bags into exotic animal shapes. (KicknDrummer@aol.com; jeanjeanbsmyth@aol.com)

Funny, I thought what they had was just really, really creepy...

Plasmogamy is what Billy Bob and Angelina Jolie had before he lost her vial of blood from around his neck. Needless to say when he lost it.. the couple broke up. (Ty@TFW38Promotions.com)