(updated 28 Apr 03)


Male condition of overexposure to the sun...most commonly found in nudist colonies. (JERIANDGEO@AOL.COM)

Wappenschawing's (1/8/02 DeFUNition) first cousin! (pec@gis.net) Okay, anyone who goes all the way back to dig a word out of the archives...deserves to get posted...but this only works once.

German for ugly welts on your shaungundunstook. (NITRAMXXX@AOL.COM)

Ancient male rite of flogging their own members, replaced in modern times by piercings. (TwoNaughtyKitties@attbi.com)

What the well-dresssed nudist will be displaying after a trip to sunny Cancun. (herhusband30102@aol.com)

What Snoop Dogg said to his homies before his video premiered....FO SHIZZLE DIZZLE!!!! (cutebanana525@aol.com)

A mark left after a German BDSM session. (comedian2000@hotmail.com)

"Across the nation, around the world, ...everybody weltanschauung tonight... " (RodentsRred@hotmail.com) Yes, I had to have this tune stuck in my head...now everyone else has to suffer, too.

Medical term for what happens to certain parts of young men get who don't use lotion while surfing porn sites. (kamasushi@aol.com)

What happens when you add a little Goldschlager to the family's Tang. (Deanna@magma.ca)

A random noise from the mouth of Chris Tucker. (cutebanana525@aol.com)

PRONUNCIATION: wellt-uhn-SHWAHNG What you get when you go paintballing and you can't move your pelvic area in the morning . . . (hungryellowmusic@aol.com)

Hmmm....This is what happens when you join the Wu-Tang fan club......... (Spiceyscotty@aol.com)

The latest ad slogan from Volkswagen. (Pootybrew@earthlink.net)

Badly dubbed German translation of classic line from "Wayne's World." (kamasushi@aol.com; guitartexn@aol.com)

Well, I would do a Heineken blurb...but I'll spare you all...

Drunk girls rating guys at the beach. Translation: He's well tanned and Hung!!! (Pastlivesr6@aol.com)