(updated 30 Oct 05)

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The word for that obnoxiously loud woman who cackles when she laughs and has to be the center of attention in a group of people while at a restaurant/bar.
(Suggested by cadeaux)

Okay, little missy. No matter HOW many times or under how many forged names you enter it, I will NOT choose "Mother-In-Law" even if someday you DO have my grandchildren!

And from Airfarcewon@aol.com, who personally blew the lid off our record with 85 entries, I enter these as "Best Of:"

PushyGalore, Blabberbabe, Earitator, Lady Die, Galarantin, Barbidull, Shegotistical, Thebolderdame

Hyenusinteruptus (robertellingsworth@yahoo.com)

Cadbakfrumspazekamp (maxcel200@aol.com)

LookatmeIhaven'tbeenoutonasaturdaynightinyears (holtbolt@comcast.net)

Didjaseemynewboobjob (paracletus3@earthlink.net)

Myex (NonComposMentiss@aol.com, sheafitz1@netscape.com)

Barcissist (murdoctor@aol.com)

Stuffyoskankypiehole (tpanner@hotmail.com)

Clamorqueen (maxcel200@aol.com)

Ycantigtablinddatedatizntafrutkake (maxcel200@aol.com)

High Decibelle (maxcel200@aol.com)

Attentionwhore (redcherri817@yahoo.com)

Wifezilla (rsherman@netplexgroup.com)

Datedesperado (DaphnetheRed@yahoo.com)

Britneychristinaparis (parlansharvest@yahoo.com)

Necksthymeleeverhoem (NITRAMXXX@aol.com)

Oughttabeslapped (Shadowpet1704@aol.com)

Screamadonna (Kamasushi@gmail.com)

Senator (edprocoat@msn.com) Gee, I wonder which one.....

Rosannasaurus (jdcoops3@aol.com)

Tell the truth...was it really her noise that got her noticed, or that stunt with her skirt over her head:

Barbitchuhate (Airfarcewon@aol.com)

All of your votes are in hand.
Now your wish is my command.
After thorough perusing,
Voted "Out on a Lim" most amusing.
So give it your best shot...uh.....something...something

(And feel free to send in your favorite topic suggestions)