(Updated 10 Feb 07)

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The Beer Belly
(Suggested by archerjoe@hotmail.com)

"Love your product. Now I'm looking for a woman with two big jugs!" (maxcel200@aol.com)

"Tube B or not tube B, that is the question." The new Shakes Beer quote. (Airfarcewon@aol.com)

HMO just increased their sales by 200% - I'll send my entry when my shipment arrives. (mitchwatts@yahoo.com) Entry? Nah...we just want to see your photo wearing it!

"Six pack abs are rock solid....Two-fours make the beer belly nice and soft....The Beer Belly gets my vote." (vinyllover45@yahoo.com)

For this to be shown on CNN, it must have been one heck of a slow news day. (vinyllover45@yahoo.com) Hey, now...I was on CNN...ummmm...never mind.

NEW: The Diaper Bag! Keeps your bladder empty while using the Beer Belly! Worn in the back of your trousers, it can easily doubles as a bun-warmer! Keep yourself wet and dry without missing a second of the action, order both today! (rulaffin@gmail.com)

I can't help but wonder if he stole my idea based on my invention, the "Nacho Cheese Scrotum." The bulge makes women swoon, men jealous, and chips delicious. (Truckerex@insightbb.com)

Don't know about everyone else but every time I clicked on the "beer belly" link, I was redirected to whitehouse.gov. (timamod@aol.com) Ahhh...well that's one explanation why George Bush can't pronounce all those words.

Planning on being out in the cold for an extended length of time? Just fill the Beer Belly with boiling water and you'll forget it's winter! (DavidGoTribe@aol.com)

Slim your waistline as you guzzle away! (stan@squidworks.com)

"I wear the Beer Belly to my Wednesday night AA meeting and even my sponsor can't tell. Thank you Beer Belly!" (DavidGoTribe@aol.com)

For those who care more about drinking in public than how you look in public. (mitchwatts@yahoo.com) Yes, but technically...is this a step up or down from the brown paper bag?

"Hey! I was busted at Woodstock. Nice if you had invented a friggin' 'pot belly' at that time!!" (maxcel200@aol.com)

My boss loved this idea and said he was going to get one. A few days later I said, "Wow, those Beer Belly guys have fast shipping!" He hadn't ordered it yet. (archerjoe@hotmail.com)

Something no shopping mall Santa Claus should be without. (vinyllover45@yahoo.com) "Hey, Santa did that kid just pee on your lap?" "Oooops...no...my beer gut musta sprung a leek!" "Oh, Santa...you are such a kidder!"

There's Yankee ingenuity, and then there's the Southern version. (strontium901@juno.com)

Gut beer? (maxcel200@aol.com)

Wanna bet if they'd see this...it'd be on their site the next day?...

Gives "suck in that gut" a whole new dimension. (strontium901@juno.com)