(Updated 14 Oct 09)

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The URL:

Leash Your Girl
(Site brought to you by edprocoat@msn.com)

Finally! The perfect gift for the man who really wants a divorce!! (mikepena@socal.rr.com)

I always keep my bitch on a leash. Wait...this is for a woman? AWESOME! (strollo5@embarqmail.com)

Do these people live in Stepford? (YeIIowRoseOTX@aol.com)

After seeing this website and the pictures of the women in it, I'm thinking Lorena Bobbitt may have been on to something. (YeIIowRoseOTX@aol.com) Yep...she was on the cutting edge of technology.

Hey wait a minute - I've got the patent on the "Leash Your Man!" And it isn't supposed to go around the neck! (kirstenlmsw@gmail.com)

<Insert random pun on the name Alicia here.> (Electronicwaffle@yahoo.com) Sorry, it was only you. You guys are sooooooo slacking.

Bob Barker also recommends that you have your better half spayed or neutered. (retrometro@rogers.com)

The company is hoping this will do better than their first horrible failure, "Chick on a Stick." (Truckerex@comcast.net) Sounds like a place in some mall's food court.

I got so excited, I was going to spend my life savings on the product...until I looked at the catalog and found out it was actually LEASH Your Girl, not LEASE your Girl! DARN! (straightarrow15@hotmail.com)

Don't forget...it can be used to hang you by...IF you buy her one...

Boy, talk about tying the knot... (ldolphin34@hotmail.com)