(Updated 19 Nov 07)

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Huggable Urns
(Site suggested by blue_goddess57@yahoo.com)

Not the first teddy that dear old Dad got into! (maxcel200@aol.com)

Oh, the "original" inventor of Huggable Urns. God forbid we should get one of those cheap Walmart knockoffs. (tpanner@hotmail.com) Yes, because those ones would probably be made and China and I don't even want to think about a massive recall of your loved one.

Mommy, how come my Teddy smells like a barbecue grill and Grandma's perfume? (Truckerex@insightbb.com)

How lucky is she, to be haunted by a ghost with a business plan. (kirstenlmsw@yahoo.com)

Also, a great way to hide your cocaine. (tpanner@hotmail.com)

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, this web site left me in total disgust! (vinyllover45@yahoo.com)

The whole idea is just so grizzly. (Airfarcewon@aol.com)

I've got an even better idea: Teddy Ruxpin with a voice tape of your loved one. (tygrkhat40@yahoo.com)

Next up...'Caskets to Go'...just hitch it up and take Grampa camping with you! (ponytayl@cox.net) Hey...wasn't this the premise for some movie I saw?

For an extra $19.99 you will receive a special incantation that, when properly delivered, will allow the spirit of your loved one to animate your choice of stuffed animal. Just imagine the looks on the faces of your darling children when they see your Huggable Urn walk into their room in the middle of the night and climb up to the foot of their bed with flashes of lightning from a passing thunderstorm illuminating the whole wonderful scene. (tpanner@hotmail.com)

Any chance we can use the Jingle Jugs to hug? (guitartexn@aol.com) Ummm...no.

Orders of 10 or more come with a free "Sprinkle Me Elmo" kit. (mahoneycjm@gmail.com)

Coming next month, Fleshlights and dildos with ash compartments for when hugging your spouse gets you a little hot and bothered. (dspur57098@aol.com) You sir, are whack.

"This is your new doll they made with grandma....her name is Ashley." (vinyllover45@yahoo.com)

Especially appropriate if the deceased was killed by a bear. (luganrn77@yahoo.com)

Great for playing pranks at family reunions. Just replace the contents of a pepper shaker with a little bit of dear ol' dad and let the hijinks commence. (tpanner@hotmail.com)

You're sure that's not for you, because you couldn't even bear him when he was alive. (Airfarcewon@aol.com)

Dad even saved a little sample of the semen that conceived me which I keep in a small vial on a gold chain close to my heart. (tpanner@hotmail.com) Great...sounds like Angelina and Billy Bob all over again.

If I wanted to hug ashes, I would have married a smoker. (GerriHan65@aol.com)

I've always wanted to Steiff-le my wife. (archerjoe@hotmail.com)

How sad that her dad couldn't come out of the closet until after he was dead. (kirstenlmsw@yahoo.com)

Unfortunately Dad ended up faded and forgotten on the rear dashboard of the car...in a perpetually waving pose. (DOrr221@comcast.net)

It's not a beanbag...I'm playing catch with Dad! (maxcel200@aol.com)

It'll be just like when he was alive..sittin' around the house with his bear ash hangin' out. (Airfarcewon@aol.com)

Could be worse...you could've ended up in the cat litter box...

What comfort knowing you can spend eternity stuffed up a toy's ass, and torn to shreds by the family dog. (Truckerex@insightbb.com)