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Wallypop Family Wipes, Toilet Wipes, Reusable Toilet Paper
(Site brought to you by archerjoe@hotmail.com)

Skip the ones with Velcro. Trust me on this. (archerjoe@hotmail.com)

Please don't mistake the curtains for the wipes. (archerjoe@hotmail.com)

So these wipes really work? No crap! (retrometro@rogers.com) They work...hands down...or would that be hands up? Well, at least palm up.

WARNING: NOT suitable for use after consuming a "West Michigan Whitecaps" Ballpark's Four-Pound Cheeseburger. (sheafitz1@netscape.com)

You know the economy is in the tank when you have to buy reusable toilet paper. (kilgoreandria@gmail.com)

Are these wipes for real...or just a fabrication? (maxcel200@aol.com)

Be careful not to get your toilet wipe confused with your sandwich wrapper! (ponytayl@cox.net) If you did that...you probably wouldn't be "Glad".

For the family on the go. (tygrkhat40@yahoo.com)

Kinda scratchy, But, yet, just like Chuck Norris, they don't take $#!+ off of anyone. (DOrr221@comcast.net)

Especially useful during smear campaigns! (ponytayl@cox.net)

Just in time for a disposable wipe. My ShamWow is stinking up my bathroom! (maxcel200@aol.com) Maybe you should try some Oxy-Clean?

Not only does this encourage proper potty training, but it also gives the kids an early start on learning how to work the washing machine. (retrometro@rogers.com)

Call me silly, but shouldn't they be selling these in shades of brown? (ponytayl@cox.net)

According to Ward, June bought some Wallypops for her Beaver. (shep@compascable.net)

Can't I just hug a tree instead? (shep@compascable.net)

I have been using your product so religiously that I have become a man of the cloth! (maxcel200@aol.com)

Well, when you have to go...you can at least go green...kinda...

Brown...the new Green! (jd8375@msn.com)