(updated 11 Oct 04)

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*New return policy* Plutonium is not refundable. To dispose of it: Dump it in a playground somewhere outside Austin, Texas. (Mistahtom@aol.com)

Free Boris and Natasha bobbleheads with every order! (JOSQUARD@aol.com)

VillainSupplyDotCom: When you care enough to hate the very best.... (cmndrnineveh@aol.com)

Isn't the 'world domination fund' what Dubbya's using to get reelected? (khalazdad@adelphia.net)

I suppose you all know that now that we have visited this site, we are on the FBI's list of 'People to Watch.' Terrorists will be boarding planes while those of us who play the HMO games will be locked in little back rooms while we are strip searched and questioned. (pjb1671@netscape.net) The sad part is, the only question they'd bother asking me is..."Uh, ma'am, could you put your clothes back on now??"

To our customers: Our potion for lethal stink bombs has recently been neutralized by the Flat D...but we're working on a solution! (maxcel200@aol.com)

SUPERWEAPONS: Guaranteed to blow your enemies ass to KINGDOM COME! Hurry while supplies last...which won't be long cause Bush & Kerry have been buying 'em by truckloads! (Ch8177@aol.com)

When ACME just won't do it anymore... (william.fishburne@verizon.net)

And, of course, all payments made through "PayPal". (deweyever@attbi.com) Shouldn't it be PayFiend?

Can you really trust these guys to send you the stuff you ordered? I mean, they are villains, afterall. (Cantw82paint@Aol.com)

Hey, thanks for the link! I've been looking all over for plutonium! (BRE727@aol.com) How ironic...now they'll be looking all over for you!

Totally fake...no mention of Dick Cheney! (muhltrayne@yahoo.com)

"Lead us into temptation and deliver us some evil..." (AutumnEagl@yahoo.com)

Twice the selection of Warlord-Mart or Home Despot... without ever having to leave your lair. (DaJakAiss@aol.com)

Only $24,999,914 to go and my neighbors yappy little dog is gonna PAY! (DLivermore2002@yahoo.com)

I prefer to shop at E-vil Bay. (richdiandkids@optonline.net) Don't we all?

VillainSupply.com representatives will never ask you for your login information (like we need to) unless we feel like messing with you. (chharget@aol.com)

We're the reason why they couldn't find anymore weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. (JOSQUARD@aol.com) I'm fairly confident if they read this...it will become their new slogan.

"Pay attention, 007 - and stop laughing!!" (rochford@netaus.net.au)

"Uhhhh...on second thought...can I just swing by and pick mine up?"...

Remember, if ordering nuclear bombs...we drop ship. Boy! Do we drop ship! (maxcel200@aol.com)