(updated 31 Oct 04)

URL: Jacqueline Stallone's Rumpology
(Site suggested by archerjoe@hotmail.com)

Hopefully this site wasn't done tongue in cheek. (maxcel200@aol.com)

"Yo...dere goes my mudduh, makin' an ass out of herself again!" (cmndrnineveh@aol.com)

Wonder what she's gonna think about that liver spot...wait, I don't HAVE any liver spots...uuuuugh! (paracletus3@aol.com)

Is a franchise available? (jenalt2001@yahoo.com)

All men should buy a copy of this book and carry it at all times, so they can say, "Yes, Miss, I was looking at your ass... but only for scientific reasons. See? Now... would you like a complete reading?" (ukkfayooyay@aol.com) No no no - you're looking for a book on Butt-Phrenology...that's a whole other science...but probably much more "handy".

So is calling someone a fat-ass actually some sort of a cosmic compliment? (mrxsandmanx@yahoo.com)

I see a fad diet in your future soon. Please. (xflcheerleaders@hotmail.com)

From derriere to Perrier - ride your rump to riches! (JOSQUARD@aol.com) Because "Ride your ass to cash" was already taken?

No ifs, ands -- just butts. (junkmailmagnet42@aol.com)

That is positively the most asinine thing I have ever heard! (WilliamFBuckley@Firing.Line.pu; chharget@aol.com)

Jackie told J Lo that she'd have a really, really, really big year. (muhltrayne@yahoo.com) Uh...was that "year" or "rear"?

I don't need an expert to tell me what kind of @$$#*!& I am. (chharget@aol.com)

Actually, sales are so good, Ms Stallone is falling behind in her work! (paracletus3@aol.com)

It's not all that it's cracked up to be. (xflcheerleaders@hotmail.com)

Sounds like a pretty good deal...but I think I'll sit on it a while. (Airfarcewon@aol.com)

I'm getting a reading. Wait.... yes, those pants WILL make your butt look big! (kelsler@aol.com)

We're the only ones that can make this claim: 'Your future is behind you'. (maxcel200@aol.com)

The only horoscope where The Moon is in every sign. (richdiandkids@optonline.net)

"We strongly oppose the propagation of this disgusting practice." - Xerox Technicians Union (razcactus@netzero.com)

Proud member of the "Psychic Ends Network." (JOSQUARD@aol.com)

Hey...don't be so hasty to give it a "bum" rap...

Don't be fooled! It's just another form of Asstrology! (maxcel200@aol.com)