(Updated 7 Dec 05)

Hosted by Chester

And away we go in this round of fighting boardom!

Please tell me this is how Roseanne and Tom Arnold got together. Please! (HerzogVon@aol.com)

(This was a Green Acres prophecy...Arnold, the pig, just needed some snout, too.)

Springtime for Swinehood and Porkery! Winter for Beefhood and Fish! Look at our species, full of grace! Look out, here comes the Porcine race! (cmndrnineveh@aol.com)

I won't even "Hand mate" my boyfriend so theres no way in hell I'm doing it to a boar. (saxonraerae7@aol.com) Lips are much cleaner so the farmers tell me.

It's like match.com for fat people. (DLivermore2002@yahoo.com)

GSEI: The "latest" in mail order brides. (L1061S@go.com)

Is it just me, or is a swine breeding website just creepy? (jaberwok@marktwain.net) You obviously never found the goat and chicken romance blog.

Not to be confused with "Global Swine Exchange of Iowa Park".... a resource for chubby chasers down in Texas. (holtbolt@comcast.net)

How'd they get a big, world-wide enterprise in such a small hamlet? (paracletus3@earthlink.net)

"Swine Exchange? Sure! You give me a couple of pigs and I'll give you everyone on my wife's side of the family." (tpanner@hotmail.com) Looks like a dim Holiday when his wife reads this.

I have a two hundred pound swine, will exhchange for three ladies of the evening. (NITRAMXXXX@aol.com)

All animals tested...personally. (Cantw82paint@Aol.com) We want the pictures for ebay.

I'll never have to go to a bar at closing time again. (robertellingsworth@yahoo.com)

And speaking of pork barrels...

Iowa: 25% of the nation's swine production. The other 75% comes from DC. (GrigsbyOK@hotmail.com)