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Since a few of you have sent in titles to your entry when you submit them, we've decided to start including them as well...starting with the next Imagine That. So if you would like to have yours titled, please include it in the body of the email.

Please scroll down for new topic or photo image.

The concept behind this contest is to do one of two things, depending on which format we are using that week: 1) Come up with either a graphic or photographic rendering for the topic we give you... or 2) We provide a photo which you will download, then alter...graphically and/or by adding words. Of course, on both counts, the funnier/wittier the better...but still, keep in mind the object of this contest is primarily to alter the photo graphically. While we have no problem with you just adding a caption/dialogue, those who alter it graphically will get the edge somewhat. This is not saying that we will never pick entries with just captions...as they still can be chosen the overall winner. The winning entry will be featured on the home page. The runners-up will be shown here...but bear in mind that not all entries will be shown. Please direct all questions to Twittyme@aol.com.

There are some guidelines to follow: 1) The image must not be larger than 450 x 350 pixels;  2) The image must be in jpg. format; 3) Send all entries individually...please do not send zip files.; 4) Send all entries to Twittyme@aol.com; 5) Please put the contest name, "Imagine That" in the Subject line, or risk having it deleted.

Please note:  We have enlarged the size the image can be to 350 x 450 pixels...this might give you a little more room to do things you might not have been able to do before.

Ice Skater

(Cut-off date for entries this time around is midnite, 24 Oct 05)