(updated 22 Jul 05) 

Too many hands...

Too many hands...are one sign your Rolex is fake (fparsons@yahoo.com)

Too many hands...are outstretched on payday.. (Airfarcewon@aol.com)

Too many hands...is the perfect description for the guy on my blind date last weekend. (skibip@aol.com)

Too many hands...so you'd better back away from the man standing at the urinal next to you! (maxcel200@aol.com)

Too many hands...of blackjack, poker or gin can leave you flat busted. (HerzogVon@aol.com; thedraugr@yahoo.com)

Too many hands...can be placed on J-Lo's ass and still not have it completely covered. (JOSQUARD@aol.com) Oh, c'mon...we haven't done a J-Lo ass entry in ages...."Uh huh huh huh...she said 'ass entry', Beavis."

Too many hands...add more chicken gizzards and worm castings or the spell will never work. (DYCROUT@yahoo.com)

Too many hands...are never washed after using the restroom! (SunnieSparklez@aol.com; nstn@statefarm.com)

Too many hands...is a common LSD side effect (shep@peoplepc.com)

Too many hands...means you can afford to toss some of the sailors overboard. (LouMizzou@yahoo.com)

One for the men folk...

Too many hands... makes an uncomfortably memorable prostate exam. (giraffic_art@yahoo.com) ...and one for the ladies...

Too many hands...at my last breast exam begins to make me suspicious. (Pmacca01@yahoo.co.uk)

And one to please you both...

Too many hands...? Not in MY fantasies! (wedrixe@netscape.net)

Too many hands... too many arms, and blue skin. I just don't' trust that damned Vishnu. (manpretty@gmail.com)

Too many hands... makes for a confusing round of patty cake. (giraffic_art@yahoo.com) Well, now we know who has kids.

Too many hands... spoil the chili. (giraffic_art@yahoo.com; shep@peoplepc.com)

Too many hands... Igor! I need feet, knees, kidneys--what the hell kinda creature am I going to build with all these hands?! (giraffic_art@yahoo.com)

Too many hands...gives you more then the clap! (davidgotirbe@aol.com) I would mention something about a "standing ova..tion"...but I won't.

Too many hands... which is why I got an F on my self portrait in Art class. (lynder_mh@yahoo.com)

I'm not sure if this one measures up...but I like it...

Too many hands...will keep your horse from qualifying as "miniature". (shep@peoplepc.com)