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(updated 18 Jul 07)

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New Beaver Capital of the World: Andover! Reno Mourns.
(Crotchety headline by;

Andover, Massachusetts (The Boston Globe) -- Beavers were once rare in Massachusetts, but Andover is getting overrun by them. Beaver-friendly laws mean residents must obtain a special permit by convincing their local health board that the beaver's presence poses a safety risk. Complaints of water retention are common. Beaver fan Alan French says "If you had 10 neighbors, the other 9 would be for nuking beavers." Trapper John Benedetto, 58, said "Everybody likes the beaver until she moves into the backyard."
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What more can be said, I've never met a beaver I didn't like. ( Yeah? They'll chew right through your wood, you know.

Well, I say we just eat the damned things! ( Turnabout IS fair play.

I've never seen an article about prostitution that was so flippant. (

And we thought all the alumni of tony Andover prep school were loyal because of the academics. (

And if 9 out of those 10 neighbors were dentists, I bet they'd tell you to brush well after coming into contact with a beaver. ( Flossing, however, would be redundant.

Sounds like they got some big teeth in this law. (

Overrun by beaver...complaining about that is about as stupid as complaining about priapism... (

Upon hearing Benedetto's comment, French replied, "I think he's being a bit too hard on the beaver." ( That ain't what the beaver said.

So throw some Midol in the water & it'll go away. (;

Not only has the beaver been shown to pose a safety risk, but it's also been known to drain my bank account. (

Nuking Beavers. Great name for a rock band. I like it. ( I hear they're on tour with Napalm Wang.

The town finally got rid its 'beaver' problem by hiring a 'Pied' Piper. (

I dunno... water-retaining beavers tend to make most guys I know nervous. (

Benedetto must never have had good beaver, if he doesn't like it in his backyard. ( Butt, er-- but:

If your beaver's in the backyard, you're not doing it right. ( Depends on what she's wearing.

Why can't they make up their minds...first, ya' gotta' get a marriage license to get a beaver, and now, they wantcha' to get one to get rid of 'em... (

Trapper John also noted, "The beaver likes everybody until someone tries to move into *her* backyard." ( Damn zoning rules.

Beavers are easy to find. Just check the bushes. (

I love beavers in the backyard...that's my favorite style! (

Benedetto probably doesn't have enough wood to please any beaver... (

To beaver, or not to beaver? Is that the question here? ( It's when you have to start asking that you ought to be worried.

I'm all for beaver friendly laws -- it's about time! But I really can't tolerate water retention. Makes me feel bloated and makes MY beaver unfriendly! (;

Maybe Benedetto likes Wally better than Beaver. (

..then into the house, then out, with at least half your possessions. (

Yeah - I know how they feel. I have to receive a "special permit" to approach the beaver, too. ( It's called "large sums of cash".

I suppose the health board is going to keep insisting that abstinence is the solution. (

And that's the news. Andover and out. (

The Bronze Bullshitzer Prize - Even though Bucko's a Red Sox fan....

These over-populated creatures are indirectly shifted to the Big Apple. The excess beavers do a scheduled move to Fenway Park and kept in the visiting dugout when the Yankees are in town. (

The Silver Shytekicker - For meritorious abuse of a wholesome TV show:

I went varmint hunting in Massachusetts once. Just as I was about to fire at one critter, my buddy told me, "Leave it -- it's Beaver." (

And our Golden Gunkchunker - Catch a beaver, get some tail:

All the mature Andover women are pro-Beaver... claiming they're just glad to have something else around with flat tails. (