(updated 16 Jan 03)

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NEW YORK -- This week, one of New York City's most famous restaurants debuted what they call the world's most decadent hamburger, priced at $41.

The burgers are made from two prized bulls and served by a Greek waiter. (bchbums99@cox-internet.com)

I wonder if they cater to the homeless on cruise ships. (Stan790@aol.com)

The main feature for the price is the staff of former dotcom CEOs asking, "Do you want fries with that?" (SMiller234@earthlink.net)

I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a $41 hamburger today. (Baitsmotel6@aol.com)

Let me get this straight -- mink coats BAD, mink burgers GOOD, right? (junkmailmagnet42@aol.com)

So it must be made of chocolate if it's that decadent...but $41 is a little too pricey for a smore. (htwhamster27@optonline.net)

Big deal. In NYC, a Big Mac costs $40. (MooseSpeak@earthlink.net)

Okay, it's actually a buck fifty, but the Mad Cow antidote is $39.50. (Haste@matthew.com)

Which brings new meaning to the term "cash cow." (alextreme@aol.com, Mistahtom@aol.com)

It consists of a quarter pounder with cheese, and a prostitute. (Truckerex@wmconnect.com)

Both a well-done and rare accomplishment. (Baitsmotel6@aol.com)

Department Of Defense budget experts admitted they had been buying them for the last 15 years. (ldolphin34@hotmail.com)

Natch, I can get it for $33 on eBay. (ldolphin34@hotmail.com)

Today's winner, L1061S@go.com, is pretty proud of his special sauce:

For $41, they should hold your Pickle as well as take your Lettuce. (L1061S@go.com)