(updated 23 Jun 03)

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Ricky's La Vida Broke-a?
(Title borrowed from MedCheryl@aol.com)

Ricky Martin, who became famous for his song "Living La Vida Loca," has told German FHM that he is too shy to ever make the first move with a woman.

...We absolutely refuse to print the most redundant entry. If you're reading this - YOU submitted it too, so you know which one we mean...

Define "first move." For that matter, define "woman." (williemelmoth@aol.com)

Well, he probably lost all his confidence since Laugh-In got canceled and Dan Rowan died...oh, wait... (MrglsJon@aol.com)

Somehow, I just can't see Ricky sittin' around playin' checkers, anyway! (Baitsmotel6@aol.com)

Martin Tell-All About Shakin' his Patootie...(right after whining about not makin' a pass on a cutie)!!!!!! (LDAhome@aol.com)

Well, there is a lot to be said for just lying there and letting her do all the work...... (samuraikc2002@aol.com)

His new single, entitled "Not So Caliente," is due out in July. (silver_stars42@yahoo.com)

Well, if he stays that way, he will save himself a loooooooooooad of trouble. (NITRAMXXX@AOL.COM)

So I guess he is really just "Spanking The Monkey Loca." (gregparsons68@yahoo.com)

That's because he'd rather be "Living La Rear End Poca." (BRe727@aol.com)

Yeh, but that second move is que bonita, no muchacho loco here, baby. Vida loca, mis nalgas! (SSCompose@aol.com)

...I just like the "mis nalgas" part.

They mis-translated his interview -- he really said he was too afraid of litigation. (junkmailmagnet42@aol.com)

Today's winner, atwright73@yahoo.com, says it's sure not about a hairdo:

So "She Bangs" is a plea for help? (atwright73@yahoo.com)