(updated 31 Jul 03)

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LAS VEGAS -- Michael Burdick claims that his safaris offering men the chance to hunt naked women with paintballs is a hoax, now that he possibly faces 6 months in jail and a $1,000 fine for operating without a business license.

But I can still pay a woman to lie down on the floor of my den and pretend to be a rug, right? (joseph.blevins@verizon.net)

I wonder...would the hunters have used clear paintballs? Otherwise, wouldn't that defeat the purpose? (lhill@maguiregroup.com)

Another example of a get-rich-quick scheme by a dumb person. (lacee7700@aol.com)

...Wrong contest, but soooooo apropos.

Every man's dream is to shoot at a naked woman without waiting 20 minutes in between shots. (kaycorbett@hotmail.com)

His hoax went safari got caught. (Baitsmotel6@aol.com)

The question now is what do we do with all these naked women in the Nevada wilderness? (scalpel@aol.com)

One hunt was actually videotaped and released as "Apocalypse WOW!" (joseph.blevins@verizon.net)

A place where you can legally have sex with a prostitute but not shoot a naked one with a paintball gun.....ironic? (watch4whales@yahoo.com)

What do you mean I don't have a license? I've got a beaver hunting license right here! (jnmcda0@yahoo.com)

He then quickly called his ex-wife and told her where he had hidden her clothes. (princekenny2002@yahoo.ca)

Deciding to utilize creative sentencing, Judge Bambi Gillman offered to let Michael avoid jail time if he agrees to strip naked and be hunted by RuPaul with a paint gun. (SpinyNorma@aol.com)

Anybody want to buy 100,000 paintballs cheap? (MrglsJon@aol.com)

None of the women can be used by the prosecution in a law suit, since the patrons can't identify them with their clothes on. (Cantw82paint@Aol.com)

Today's winner, thefish66@hotmail.com, wants to know if you can determine Bambi's age by examining her rack:

In a related case, a judge ruled against the men who participated in the safari, saying, "Just because you shot her doesn't mean you're allowed to take her home and mount her." (thefish66@hotmail.com)