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Space Exploration/Flight

To be an astronaut would be a dream.
It would be a good way to let off some steam.
You can escape the rat race,
And way out in space
No one can hear you scream.

Travel through space with the stars,
Join a celebrity in a rocket to Mars
The ratings were juicy
'Til someone told Gary Busey
There are no Martian strip bars

A rocket was sent to Neptune
It left on the thirteenth of June
'Twas poor planning they say
Should've launched another day
At full speed it ran into the moon.

Astronauts' wives are excited because
Spacemen's prowess? Best there ever was.
A turned on Mrs. Aldrin
Bubbled like a cauldron
She said that she'd just gotten Buzzed.

From Earth came the blast off to space
A dark but spectacular place
When we tried to call home
Our cells all showed roam
Won't our nationwide plan interface?

I think we should travel to Mars.
I think we should go to the stars.
But we should go before
It starts to cost more
Than it costs to put gas in our cars.

Watching ol' Jupiter-orb
Whole comets this guy can absorb
What would have destroyed the good Earth
Jupiter shrugged off with mirth
It was just God trying to make a hockey score!

In the future space travel will out
Off to planets, we'll be buzzing, no doubt
This could transport some fears,
But, it's not the light-years
It's the heavy ones, I'm worried about

I love when the rockets go "Zoom!"
Making thunder and loud sonic booms
To cut down the roar
I can just shut a door
It's just my son playing in his bedroom.

"I could be an astronaut" sticks in my head
Constantly, to my wife, this I've said
Guess I've bored her to tears,
She's getting even, it appears
By giving me plenty "Space" in our bed..

When quizzed on his plans for space flight
Bush managed to sound somewhat bright
Til he said, "Here's my thought,
Hook a giant slingshot
To a winch and pull 'er back tight"

Life on other worlds, some say "can be no!"
But for me, I say, "Well, how do we know?"
Someday, our cars and trucks
Might zip us to Starbuck's
For a quick Venusian cappuccino!

There's no greater accomplishment than
When Neil Armstrong fulfilled his Moon plan
But, with twelve, his shoe size
How good were his eyes?
When he said, "One Small Step For Man"

I love the idea of space flight,
To head t'ward the sun so bright,
My sunglasses I need not bring
Because this is the thing:
I plan to travel there at night

No matter how exciting it gets
I'm scared of space shuttles and jets
The ones who respond
Will mostly be blonde
'Cause they are already space cadets!

Many people thought it too soon.
To explore space in a balloon.
But it had already been done.
When Ralph Kramden told his hon,
"POW, Alice. Right to the moon!"

The same thing happens when you fly to London cram-packed into coach on a DC-10:

A spacebum named Caputo
Caught a cut-rate cruise to Pluto:
A mission so slumming
It left out the plumbing,
So he has to "go" in his suit-o.