(updated 12 Jun 02)

Harrison Ford: What, if any, challenges do you think your age will play filming the 4th Indy movie?

Finding a stunt man my age. (junkmailmagnet42@aol.com; johnskeller@excite.com)

Well, it'll be difficult dragging my oxygen during the action sequences. (StanYan1@aol.com)

Little if any because older actors have the same capabilities as their younger counterparts, and their experiences they have made throughout their careers can only help them achieve...achieve... what was the question? (DaJakAiss@aol.com)

Having Sean Connery look better than me. (bchbums99@cox-internet.com) You mean "again", right?

Getting my Rascal to go faster than the rolling boulder. (bchbums99@cox-internet.com)

(cracks whip, knocking interviewer's hat off) You were saying? (laugh@starpower.net)

Indy's next quest will be for the Fountain of Youth. (kayladykay@aol.com)

No challenge for me. It's up to the cinematographer to make my incontinence pants and hearing aid invisible to the audience. I'm counting on him. Calista, honey, where's my prune juice? (changer4508@hotmail.com)

Writers are having difficulty coming up with a story line involving an artifact older than me. (dignan44@yahoo.com) I got it...Indiana Jones and the can of Spam!

Crack of the whip not nearly as loud as the cracking of the joints. (edberger@aol.com)

None, it's the Han Solo role in Star Wars Episode 7 that I'm worried about. (RangerXman@aol.com)

As always, I'll get the girl at the end of the show. But if she's my age, I probably won't want her. (dinosaur1972@aol.com)

They tell me I may have to play my own father. (fbmarz@earthlink.net)

Poor Indy...now the bad guys can spot him a mile away...

I will try to avoid flying around in a stolen Nazi fighter plane with my left turn signal on. (peterson_mcbride@hotmail.com)