(updated 16 Jul 02)

Steve Irwin: What makes you think people will want to pay to see your film when they can just stay home and watch "Crocodile Hunter"?

Crikey, I never thought of it that way mate! (rocesblader02@hotmail.com; tygrkhat40@yahoo.com) This is what happens to you if you inject too much antivenin.

Because in the movie, I'm ACTING. (dinosaur1972@aol.com)

You couldn't have asked that question before we spent millions making this movie? (rampage1984@email.msn.com; mwatts@nhbakersfield.com)

At least at the movies the guys can hope to see my wife naked. (SMiller234@earthlink.net)

I'm counting on the dazed, confused and drunk expecting to see Paul Hogan. (HerzogVon@aol.com)

So they get a whoppin' 2 HOURS of me being an idiot, mate. (Pdog9911@yahoo.com)

Because as interesting as it is to watch me endanger my life by getting too close to real wild animals, nothing can compare to my wit and courage while fake wild animals attack me in the movie! (gddesskynsi@aol.com)

I loose an aam, a leggg, and a teesticle in tha movie, mate. Yah think I would waast that kind of footage on a TV show? (JayHawkWDS@aol.com) Uhhh...I was kinda hoping.

Crikey! Who gives a damn. The check they gave me cleared and the bestiality charges were dropped. (paul.north@yale.edu)

The Discover Channel is planning to "cancel" the show while the movie is in theatres. Luckily, they will only need to find alternate programming for about 2 weeks. (rroosseejj@aol.com)

Yeah, I took a squizz at that...I guess that makes us both drongo for going to that site, mate...

I git to say werds in the mewvie that I could NEVA say on Tay Vay, like: figjam, freckle, and white pointers. (See http://www.madwombat.com/sites/slangindex) (kamasushi@aol.com)