(updated 21 May 02)

George Lucas:  Are you at all concerned about the Spider-Man competition when your Star Wars film opens this week?

Me, I'm more worried about that "Scooby-Doo"! (junkmailmagnet42@aol.com)

It IS a sticky situation. (SMiller234@earthlink.net)

I'm worried about merchandise ... even I still own the underwear. (mwatts@nhbakersfield.com)

Not while Yoda fights like a monkey on crack, Spider-Man has nothing on him! (PoisonFiy@aol.com)  Monkey on crack? Hey, I'm there, dude!

Not at all but I have to admit they do have a better web site. (SpinyNorma@aol.com)

No. [edges in front of Kirsten Dunst pinup] Why do you ask? (laugh@starpower.net)

Nah, my hopelessly pathetic fanboys could take Spider-Man's hopelessly pathetic fanboys any day of the week. (groovecannon@yahoo.com)

Not at all! I built my billion dollar fortune off the pathetic masses that buy the cra...I mean related merchandise. (chough3499@aol.com)

Nope. We'll just put Spidey in a JarJar. (kayladykay@aol.com)

What, are you kidding? No one waited six months in line for Spider-Man tickets! (dangerwulf@aol.com)

No, because I have already promised that if Spider-Man does better, Jar Jar will be in Episode 3 as the main character. (tw_holmes@hotmail.com)  Oh da horror fer mesa!

Let's see, if Episode II is a total bomb, I'm still worth $600 Million. Nope, not concerned at all. (skibip@aol.com)

No, because we (Spidey's director and I) are going to collaborate next year and make a film called Spider Wars. The sequel will be StarMan. We're very excited. (Gymcanary@aol.com)

As we all know, the S-Man kicked box-office butt...but let's see if Spidey can still hang in there after HIS 5th movie...

Please! A guy who turns into a spider? Get a believable story premise and I'll worry. (mwatts@nhbakersfield.com)