(updated 7 Apr 06) 

Computer Exercise

The Tri-Winners:

It appears that those crafty Amish have found a way around the no electricity rule. (L1061s@GO.COM)

This way she can peddle it all over the world... (Airfarcewon@aol.com)

Yeah, I spin my wheels and still get nowhere when I'm at work, too. (archerjoe@hotmail.com)

The Runners Up:

Oh yes, there's always the dumb blond that will try to pump her computer for information. (maxcel200@aol.com)

I burn off calories when using my computer too. Granted, it's because I'm watching porn, but hey! (mikepena@verizon.net)

Yacht, $500,000. Laptop computer, $1200. Mirth created by dolphin that's about to hit her with spray and short out her computer...priceless! (cmndrnineveh@aol.com)

Internet access comes in three options now: dial-up, high-speed and 10-speed. (razcactus@netzero.com)

Some people will try ANYTHING to speed up their Internet connection. (MindgameFiziks@hotmail.com)

Now that the American Pie movies have run their course, Mena Suvari struggles to put food on the table. (YeIIowRoseOTX@aol.com)

Sweetie, if you can do that topless, you're hired! (e-marlon@sio.midco.net)

Bridgette just laughingly answers: "Byte me!" (paracletus3@earthlink.net)

"Type type backspace delete...Come on people move those feet!" (JoyfulDJoy@aol.com)

A forgotten moment in 80's history: the first female winner of the Yuppie-lympics. (candaceelder2002@yahoo.com)

Why, YES, I'd like a coffee and a Danish with my e-mail! (paracletus3@earthlink.net)

Funny: Woman sits at an Internet cafe table with a pedal-powered PC. Not funny: It's still faster than my dial-up. (razcactus@netzero.com)

Why else would she be wearing pumps? (paracletus3@earthlink.net)

"How did YOU know I am having my menstrual cycle??" (luganrn77@yahoo.com)

In addition to powering her computer, the lovely Helga will also be pumping water back into the Rhine in case it overflows its banks. (tpanner@hotmail.com)