(updated 10 Nov 04) 

Drinking Sheep

The Winner:

The Fountain of Eweth (maxcel200@aol.com; sootnmoopy@aol.com)

The Runners Up:

The soul-stirring climax of "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Mutton." (Mahoney_Chris@hotmail.com)

Careful, don't get it wet, it's wool! (mrxsandmanx@yahoo.com)

Hey!!! this picture ain't real..... There's no rednecks behind that sheep! (Eleman8859@aol.com)

You'd be thirsty, too, wearing that much wool. (chharget@aol.com; mrus502@aol.com)

Sorry, I thought you said "EWE" were next. (DaJakAiss@aol.com)

You can lead a horse to water, but if you can teach a sheep to do this, you've really got something. (dart270@geocities.com)

"Hey, Laaaady would you hold the buuutton down for me?" HOLY $#!+ a talking sheep. (dorr@jam.rr.com)

No wonder the water tastes so baaaaaad. (freeloosedirt@gmail.com)

Taking his cue from the sheep, the baby sees a pair he wants to wet his whistle on. (SPTirish@aol.com)

Three seconds later, the sheep was only four inches high.... (cmndrnineveh@aol.com)

Some people question whether Shari Lewis actually died or simply made the full transition. (johnbrunza@yahoo.com)

Wait a minute, how is that sheep holding the handle down? (muhltrayne@yahoo.com)

...wettin' the old lamb chops!!! (allen018@aol.com)

That stupid farmer back home said I wouldn't survive in the big city. I sure pulled the wool over HIS eyes. It was by SHEER determination that I HOOFED it all the way here. He would've FLEECED me for all I had! Say...This city water isn't BA-A-A-AD! (fbmarz@earthlink.net)

The wolf decided to stop for a drink while he pondered whether to start eating sneakers or cap first. (agoudie@cableone.net)

Marge had a pretty good facelift, but she still needed a seriously good waxing. (Dubya@liarsclub.net)

"...stay cool... the shepherd thinks we're all on the truck...act natural... just another few seconds..." (DaJakAiss@aol.com)

While this may seem a huge advancement in animal rights, it is yet just a small step, for public drinking fountains still can not be used by black sheep. (davidgotribe@aol.com)

Arrowhead Spring Water. There's mutton like it. (Pootybrew@goosemoose.com)

In a small private ceremony, Dolly finally gets baptized. (craigieb@aol.com)

Call me crazy but is she hot or what? (richdiandkids@optonline.net)