Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(Updated 11 May 07)

Really Bad Things Overheard at Pyratecon

And the winner of the '21 Jump Street' CD box set is... (

That girl is a pirate's dream, She has a sunken chest. ( Can we re-bury her?

It's not a peg leg, if you know what I mean. (

Okay you guys, don't make us say 'ugh''arrrrrgh'...

Are you hungry? Let's go to Arrrrrrrrrbys. (;

Didn't you know all pirates wore arrrrrgyle socks? (

I'll be at the barrrrrrrrrrr. (

Say, do these tights make my arrrrrrse look fat? (

Arrggh. All hands on dick. (

I'm into catering. Cate-arrrrr-ing? Caaaaat-ering? Blast it all, I deliver food. (

Get your fresh corn! Only a buccaneer! (

Is that a hook in my back or are you just unhappy to see me? (

Yo, ho! How much? (

Attendee 1: Why the gasoline and matches? Attendee 2: I misread the flyer. I thought this was Pyro-con. ( Uh oh...better hide all the planks...

...or better known as members of the "boy, did we get this one pegged wrong"

I wonder if this will be over in time for us to make it to the Star Trek Convention? (

No no Michael, this is the Pyratecon, convention. NAMBLA convention is not till next week, but still I like the costume. (

Where are all the dentists? (Or is that pyreacon?) (

It was told that a confused Chewbacca showed up at Pyratecon. He was quickly skinned, gutted and placed on a spit. (

I'm sorry, I thought this was a pesticide convention. (

You know, this would be a great place for out Dungeons and Dragons convention. (

Who's the guy in the Willie Stargell uniform? (

I thought this was about burning things! (

Show me your t**s! Oh, damn, wrong festival. (

We went to Pyratecon, and I think I saw Johnny Depp.........300 times. (

I'd say yo! ho! ho!..but, just look at what happened to Imus! ( Well, it was about time they kicked his booty out.

No parrot this year I brought my wife Molly instead and Molly wants a suite with an ocean view, Molly wants me to get a better job, Molly wants a Prada handbag...Me? I want the parrot back. (

Does this puffy shirt make me look gay? ( Yes, Jerry...not that there's anything wrong with that.

What's in YOUR wallet? (

.... so I said to my wife with the wooden leg, "Peg"... ( Hope you "patch" things up with her!

I met nine wenches last pieces of eight! (

Hey, it's better than a sharp stick in the eye.. sorry about that, I didn't realize. (

Cool! There's a session on the proper grammatical usage of the interjection "avast"! (

The winners:

I think this lubber's been landed...

This chicory coffee is fabu!... Uh, I mean – Arrrr! This grog taste like the piss of a dead man! (

Funny...I don't remember mentioning this to you when I saw you last year...hmmmm...

Are you still living in your parent's basement? (