Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(Updated 12 Dec 07)

Leis hasn't been feeling very well and he's recouperating...and until he gets better, I'm just going to go it alone.

Really Bad Archeological Finds They Haven't Discovered Yet

An ancient road that did not lead to Rome. (

How could we know if they haven't found it yet? Do you expect us to just make something up? ( Actually we were kinda hoping you'd find something in your backyard...then mention HMO when CNN interviewed you.

Chinese toys that don't contain lead. (

The high school diploma of Mike Wallace of "60 Minutes". ( On parchment or stone tablets?

Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction. (;

Commandments #11-20. ( Yeah, yeah...we all saw the movie, too.

The Missing Link -- a petrified sausage from the Bronze Age... at least, they THINK it's a sausage. (

South East corner end-zone dig site at the New Jersey Meadowlands stadium - there hofta be something there they haven't found yet. ( Yes, we know you put a "Hoffa" entry as well...but just saying "Hoffa" ain't gonna cut it around here.

A picture of Eve, wearing a fig leaf, asking Adam "Does this make me look fat?" (

The Velocirapper. Also known as the Velocihip-hopper. ( Friends, don't let friends drink and pun.

The Secret Elephant Tampon Burial Ground ( What is with the tampon entries lately? Um...uh...well, you know...

Napoleon's condom, at first it was mistaken for a medieval fingercot... ( least it wasn't thought to be the "missing link".

A small dinosaur skeleton with a little collar and tag labeled "Dino". (

Ancient Stone Carving of Hyenas Playing Poker (

The Lost City of Fatlantis ( With lots of underground tunnels and kirstie alleys? Yeah yeah...I had to...I'm having a Martini.

The backbone of the French. (

The UFO with the blueprints for the pyramids stashed in the glove compartment. (

The winner:

What do you mean "first" must mean "only"...

Remains of the first known man to admit to his wife that he was wrong. (