Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(Updated 17 Apr 09)

Really Bad Euphemisms for "Prairie Doggin'" or "Crowning"
(You know, when you have to "go" and it's peeking out...and don't use "I've got a turtle head poking out" from the Austin Powers film...we know that one already.)
(Suggested by

The intestinal express is a little ahead of schedule. (

Soft serve. ( This was a good topic....for me to poop on!!! (Yeah, I went there.)

Anyone order a hot dog? (

Walking like Frankenstein. (

DO DO DO, Lookin' out my Back Door. ( I'd make a "doo-doo" joke here - but it would probably be pretty crappy.

Uh, oh...looks like I'm about to become an octo-dad. (

In Mayberry it's known as a silly Go-more Pile. ( This goes right next to Aunt B-M.

Growin' a stinky tail. (

The groundhog's looking for its shadow. ( ...or for those of you with a little more class...

Welcome to Punxsutawney! (

Bottoming Out. (

AIG's board meeting is getting' out! (

There's a breach in the levee! ( Better than being in the Levi's.

Coloring my cheeks. (

A Mitshitbishi Rear Projection. ( You pushed that one to the limit, didn't you?

Back door puppet show. ( Something tells me you guys enjoyed this topic way too much...

Crack-A-Mole (

Temporary brown out. (

Pooh is peaking out of the hunny tree. (

Shitty Shitty Hang Hang (

Osama wants out of the cave. (

The winners:

Okay, topic's over...scat...

I've gotta whack a mole! (

With a side order of "Bubble and Squeak" no doubt...

Toad-in-the-hole. (