Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(Updated 17 Oct 06)

Really Bad Viewer Complaints About the Fall TV Season

When I said last year that it couldn't possibly get any worse, I didn't mean it as a challenge. (

The battery on my TV remote needs replacing. I spend more time changing stations than watching anything. (

Not enough commercials. (

When are they going to bring back Knight Rider? (

MTV still won't play a damn video. ( You want videos...just wait until the YouTube Channel premieres.

Barbara Walters is showing entirely too much skin. (

Not enough Product Placement. (

People complain that the bright pictures are messing up them looking at the dust on the screen. ( High-def DUST!! Woo-hoooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Caught John Lithgow and Jeffrey Tambor in their new show, "Twenty Good Years"...I'll give'em about "Six Good Weeks"... (

More crime, less comedy... like the news. (

The new shows aren't like Seinfeld. ( Don't even get me started.

Springsteen said it best: 57 channels and there's nothing on. (

There aren't enough nubile, young actresses embroiled in sexual situations barely veiled as plot lines parading around in their underwear to be considered good American television. ( Hey...they still air Three's Company on Nick at Nite.

Stuff just sucks so much louder in high definition. (

When does "Survivor, the Bronx" come THAT one I would watch. (

My Cheshire cat split his lip trying to outsmile Katie. ( Even The Joker can't smile like that.

Why they won't give Cad her own reality show, I'll never understand! (

Still no reality show about the making of a reality show where the contestants all think it is a real reality show and the winner is made the host of a new reality show about the making of a reality show... (

I can't wait to catch it... THIS SPRING! (;

How come there's no series about Snakes on a Plane? (

This is why...

The pilot episode of "Snakes On A Plane: The Reality Show"....After six weeks the show will go off the air and you can ask at any BlockBuster Video for a DVD of deleted scenes from the show....You won't get it, but you can ask. (

Not enough Hasselhoff!!! (;

They're one reality show short of a full season. Oh sorry that was last week's Reba category!!! (

I'm waiting for the Paris Hilton version of "I Love Lucy." (

I don't think I'll need that Lunestra after all. (

When Jerry Springer is on Dancing with the Stars, the whole f**king industry has jumped the shark. (

I think the reruns are more original.. ( Would that be Rerun from "What's Happening?", or the Rerun from "What's Happening Now?" ???

Please no more reality shows. If I wanted reality, I would shut the damned old noisy box off and go get drunk. (

Wasn't all this crap canceled last season? (

The winners:

Oh, might balk at it...but those reality show writers are now thinking..."Ooooh...Survivor: Mypos"...

Oh my God, not ANOTHER season without a Bronson Pinchot sitcom! (

"Head On: apply directly to--" OMG, just lobotomize me, already...

The shows keep putting me to sleep, but the commercials keep waking me up. (