Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(Updated 20 Feb 07)

Really Bad Euphemisms for 'Having an Orgasm'

Having a coming out party (;

Orgasm? Is that one of those new cars? (

Increasing the interest rate (

Rinse and hold ( Well, at least there's some cuddling involved.

Cunnil-ding-aling-aling-gus (

High tide ( Just don't get beached on shore!!

Juicing the crabby patty (

The no-fake quake (

Saddling up for the Moan Ranger ( Puts a whole new perspective on that "Hi 'HO' Silver' thing.

For a quickie orgasm: Getting a Jiffy Lube (

Doing the Willy Bonka (Can't get much Wilder than that unless it's really some wail of a Deppth charge!) ( Hey, we come up with the blurbies around here! The noive of some people!

How can this be? 'Bad' and 'Orgasm' in the SAME sentence? (

Cream-mating ( Remind me NOT to let you make the coffee....

Whitewashing the womb (

Letting the cat out of the bag ( Oh...this seems rather naughty on so many levels.

Pretreating the linens (

Testing the headboard ( Whoa...sorry...thought you said "testesing"...that's something else altogether...and I'm sure you can find it online.

Releasing the hounds (

Handing the kids over to mommy ( Uh, more like a violent toss.

Flooding your basement (

The "Fountain of Youths" ( Oh...a joke about "Pounce de Loins" is just begging to be made...but I won't.

Unloading the pee shooter (

The winners:

Phew! At least you DO occasionally launder it...

Time to launder the tube sock (

Logging on and then...getting off?...

Logging on to godaddy.cum (