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(Updated 22 Dec 08)

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Really Bad Titles for Sarah Palin's and/or 'Joe the Plumber's' Book
(Suggested by

Again, all these people got doubt Rat's Asses as we announced in the HMO Forum...

"If You Can Read This...You're Too Damn Smart!" (

Joe's book, "Clogged Drains, Black Presidents and Other Pains in the Ass". ( Ummmm, perhaps the pain in the ass comes from being McCain's handpuppet? (Yup, I made a HUTA joke!....oh, just Google HUTA if ya don't get it!)

"Our 15 Minutes of Fame....Uh, Make That 10 Minutes". (

Look I am just Dave the pizza guy, seems Sarah doesn't care for me much at all! Just the damn plumber guy, damn him and his snake! I could easily write a book about this. (

Sarah Palin's book: "From Russia With 'Gov'" ( Forward by Al Aska?

"Joe the Plumber, an American Pipe Dream" (

i can see alaska from my house (

Sarah Palin's book: "The Old Man And The She" ( Add a "-Male" to the last word, and this doubles as a topic on Jerry Springer.

"Sarah Palin Visits Las Vegas -- You Betcha!" (

"Why Do People Shake Their Heads When I Talk?" ( Gosh, I shorrrrrrr don't know, ya know?

"Co-McCaining" by Sarah Palin (

The winners:

If she uses this, I say Cad should sue...

"Humor Me: Buy This Book" by Sarah Palin (

"Hey, Does Anybody Still Care What We Think?" (