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(Updated 23 May 08)

Really Bad New Flavors To Add To The Line Of Campbell's Soup
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Snoop Dog n' Cheddar: creating the new company jingle "Snoop is good food". (

Hannibal Lector's Hearty Man (

Beef Barely ( It's much, much tastier than “Beef Barry”!

School Lunch Lady Mrs. Kowalski's infamous "Friday Stew" (

Campbell's Dan Quayle Potatoe Soup ( I think this one's expired by now.

Chicken Gizzard Soup (

Condoleezza Chicken and Rice ( Um...don't you mean "Chicken and Condoleezza Rice"?

Hearty Chicken Poodle (

Campbell's Spit Pee Soup (, Two great tastes, together at last!

Hot Water, simply just add hot water. (

Soylent Cream (

Rat Feces Fiesta (

Down du Jour le Marx--better known as Duck Soup ( Better than Chico Noodle.

Souped-up Camaro (

Cream of Blood Sausage. ( It's barfariffic!!

Campbell's Chunky Mad Cow Surprise (

Mint/Jalapeno (

Campbell's Salty Dog (Reduced Sodium Variety) ( Hey, wait - does it have more dog or salt in it?

Campbell's Divorce Soup (Well, there's wedding soup) (

Cream of That Green Hospital Jell-O (

Rice 'n Lice ( The moving ones aren't the rice.

Bio Lab Bisque--Campbell's don't ask, don't tell, don't complain, mystery pot luck. (

Cream of Lineworker's Finger ( If you are going to get this, here's a tip for you...oh, wait...let me rephrase that.

Victory Onion (or do we like the French again?) (

Vegetable Dung Beetle ( Hey, this soup takes like shit!

Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Cloud Soup (

Escargot n' Noodle: take turns on which ingredient slides down the fastest. ( I'd make a "snail trail" joke - but it would be one of those inside things.

Weenie Water (

Cream of Sardine ( The “Best By…” date? Two years ago.

Not A Thing Like Mom's Chicken Noodle (

Cream of Low Density Lipids ( I it low-fat?

Chunky Potato and Steak Tartar (

Andy Warhol Flavor ( But do you heat it for a full 15 minutes?

Hippy Borscht Bisque--original recipe from the Beet Generation. (

Downer Cow Delight ( Mmmm Mmmm Mad...

Condensed MSG (

Hair Alphabet ( Mommy, there's only a bunch of curly "O"s in my soup again!

"Everybody Loves Ramen" Noodles (

The winners:

Now with TWO noodles per can! (Who says we're cheap?)...

Double Double Noodle (

You know, if we wanted YOU to do the blurby, we'd ask you...

"BAM"! n' Ham: likely from Emeril's stock. (