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(Updated 28 Jan 06)

Really Bad Signs That 'MythBusters' Is Out of Good Myths to Bust

They are down to two myths, and can't decide between investigating the flow-thru tea bag, or proving that celebrities really can dance. (

To solve the “Refrigerator Light” myth, Jamie donned SCUBA gear, wrapped himself in foil and camped in a freezer for 48 hours. ( Well, the body heat generated because David Blaine was in there with I can't subject Jamie to Blaine.

In Episode 4512 they demonstrate that a person CAN actually walk and chew gum at the same time. (

They've incorporated the tag-line: "On a very special Myth Busters." ( The Facts...of Life...or Fiction? Okay okay...I'll stop now.

The only "Furies" they deal with these days are old Plymouths in their parking lot... (

When they end up on "Crock Hunter" and try to prove he has a measurable IQ. ( I wonder how many decimal points they had to round to?

They try to prove that “He who smelt it” really “Dealt it”. (

That last "How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Center Of A Tootsie Pop?" entry is one hell of a red flag! ( Oh they are teaming up with the Food Channel for a whole new spin-off show I hear...or that just a MYTH?'s a new one for ya!

Little kids might appreciate it, but looking for monsters under beds? (

An episode devoted to see if you can actually get high from second hand pot smoke and then what food you crave when you get "the munchies". ( Uh...leftovers?

They devoted half of each show to checking in the "If you keep making that face, it's gonna stay that way forever" myth. (;

Less filling...Tastes great. (they strip and fight in a tub of latex) ( Followed by, "How many drinks DOES it take before my beer goggles kick in?" Then Adam drinks a whole vat of red ballistics, that one was great!

They just proved that HumorMeOnline winners are picked randomly. (

They re-visit the "Does size matter?" myth for the fourth time. ( Geez people it was for that 'shooting various-sized caliber bullets into water' episode.

The latest myth - we still have sponsors for this show... (

They seriously investigate why Adam does not have a belly button. ( Hey, I've seen Adam nearly naked in every other episode the first season...that myth's been BUSTED.

The “Does Tapping the Top of a Coke Keep it From Spewing” episode shouldn't have required two labs, four scientists and an entire hour to resolve. (

And there you have it folks. Proof that a watched pot will, eventually come to a boil. ( Next week they try it with the frog in it.

They're changing their name to "Rumors That are Circulating Around the Office-Busters." (

Best they could do this week was "Does she or doesn't she?" I don't even know what that means. ( This question will haunt me to my grave. Thanks!

The “How Many Ping-Pong Balls to ‘SINK’ a Ship” episode blew their entire budget for the 2006 Season. (

You have no idea how long an hour can be until you've watched Jamie try and solve a Rubik's cube. ( Uh...yeah I do...I watched that episode where they try to catch things on fire with ice and the bottoms of soda cans.

The winners:

Yes, right next to the girl in the corner who tried to warn me that it would turn into...well, you KNOW...

Next on MythBusters: The Ballroom Blitz - Was there really a man at the back who said, 'Everyone Attack'? (

Awwww...c'mon guys...can the extra four plus people helping you out and get back to just the two of you like it was in the beginning...

The Television Curse: "Is it possible for a show to go from brilliant to almost unwatchable drivel in two seasons?" (Result: Confirmed) (