Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(Updated 31 Dec 07)

Leis hasn't been feeling very well and he's recouperating...and until he gets better, I'm just going to go it alone.

Really Bad 'BBC America' Holiday Specials

All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth, and a A Bit of Dental Work (

The Boston Tea Party Was Naughty, Not Nice. (

Cash In The Attic...except you sell your Christmas gifts off. ( Hey, that's like not really trying at all, isn't it? Even Jonty woulda elf-smacked you for not trying. And Alistair.

Oh, I Say -- Is It Christmas Across The Pond, Too? (

The All-Nude Craig Ferguson Christmas Special. ( Panderer.

The Bitch That Stole Christmas starring Camilla Parker Bowles. (

The Wonderful World of Spotted Dick ( Yeah, this isn't very "holidayish" but it did have the words "spotted dick" in it and that always helps.

"Happy New Year Top Gear" - The guys compare the handling between a Ford Mustang GT and Santa's sleigh. (

Santa meets Dr. Who Ho Ho ('s 'DOCTOR' Who...stop being so retardis.

The Posh and Becks Direct Their Servants On How To Decorate Their Christmas Tree And Then Take A Weeks Vacation In The Bahamas To Recover From The Effort Holiday Special (

"A Yuletide Torchwood" - Yulelog = Torchwood ( After two Martinis, this one took me a while.

Are You Being Served Tofu Turkey? (

The Benny Hill "Find My Candy Cane" Special (

Keeping Up Prince Charles' And Camilla's Holiday Appearances (

And Happy New Swear!...

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares Before Christmas (