Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(Updated 3 Jul 07)

Since Leis isn't feeling very great, I'll be winging the ReBa alone for a bit.

Really Bad Questions to Ask Yourself Before Watching Any Reality TV Show

This is impossible..people who watch reality TV clearly don't question anything. ( Well, you DO have a point, but we were rather hoping for entries such as this...

Should I watch this, or something a little more wrestling? (

Isn't "reality TV" an oxymoron? (

Aren't paying taxes, buying gas, making mortgage payments, and trying to keep down the credit card balances, enough damned doses of reality? (

Why in the hell do I watch this show when I have HMO to bore me to sleep? ( Hey, now...I thought you only fell asleep by counting the minutes between updates.

When did I become this pathetic? (

Who the Hell am I to question such freaking losers? They at least got on the show! (

Would a drunken David Hasselhoff watch this before writhing on the floor? ( Okay, this is the last time we pick on him...well, at least until he does something else even more wacky.

Why doesn't "The Donald" fire his hairstylist? (

Is brain switched off before turning on TV? (

If the government is watching me, can I use this as a valid insanity excuse for the IRS? (

Do I have enough booze and snacks to get me through this? (

Isn't there a better way to lose my last shred of dignity? ( Yep...and you're doing it! ;)

Was I really right when I said that a high school diploma was "just a piece of paper"?? (

Will watching such highbrow entertainment as this impress my waitress girlfriend from Hooters or just make it look like I'm showing off? ( big's her chest?

I wonder what women really want from a guy? Hmmm, should I watch "Flavor of Love", "I Love New York" or "The Bachelor"? (

Is avoiding sex with my wife really worth this? ( If she'd appear on any of the shows...yes.

What are my chances of seeing any hotties on a show called, "So, You Think You're a Great Seniors' Bingo Player"? (

Is this the kind of thing that's going to haunt me years from now when I'm on my deathbed and wondering where all the time went? (

The winner:

Yes...but even MORE so on a set that costs at least $5000...

Does it look more realistic in High Definition? (