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(Updated 10 Apr 05)

Really Bad Euphemisms For Putting Your Parents In An 'Old Folks Home'
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Goin' to The PrayGround (

Handing off the Depends duty. (

Pre-Heaven ( Pre-Heaven Can Wait.

"Payback" (

Check-in for an extended stay at the "Geeser Motel". (

Taking Mom and Dad on a tour of the "Soylent Green" factory. ( You sure that's not the SOILent Green Factory?

Outsourcing. (

Stowing the Oldies (

Enroll them in the Year Round Training Camp for the PreDeceased. ( Yay!!! Camp!!! Where you ARE the spooky campfire story!!!

Headed for The Bone Dump (

Shipping them off to the People Pound. (

Getting the gray out. ( Getting out the grey? ) Why are gray and grey both acceptable? Can't someone make up their minds? (

Banking my inheritance. (

Takin' the folks to an antique show. (

Putting the skeletons back in the closet. ( Closet: Made of wood...kinda like a box...oh, you are one sick puppy.

"Let's go, Dad. Time to take a long ride out to the country." (That's what you get for telling me that when I was 5 and you got rid of our cat.) (

BedPan Alley (

Let's face it. It's just time for them to get Masoned and Fawcetted. ( Ooh, the residue of resentment could last for MONTHS, from our little prank....

Canning the vegetables. (

Panned Parenthood (

Year round booking in an 'Over the Hill-ton' Hotel. ( retirement homes give you a Senior Citizen Discount? Just wondering.

Emptying the nest egg. (

Gum Fight at the Old Gray Corral (

The winners:

Isn't this how "The Golden Girls ended, as well?

I'm taking the parents "for a walk" *wink wink*. (

Everyone sing! "Gone away is the to stay is the and dad..."

Wintering In A Walker Wanderland (