Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(Updated 11 Aug 05)

Really Bad Catchphrases for "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart" Show

You're CANNED! (

Get me my pruning shears! (

You're floured! ( ...but first we batter you up real good.

You don't need to dice onions to cry on this show! (

Would you like fries with that? ( Grease: It's a good, wait, it's really, REALLY not!

In a weak attempt to hide her crippling dyslexia by feigning a faux fondness for golden-colored, deeply cooked potatoes, Martha attempts to copyright the catch phrase: "You're FRIED!" (;

There's room for only one bitch on this show. ( Uh...I think Donald maybe says this know he at least THINKS it.

As we say in prison, you're shanked! (;

You're M-diddied. ( Muuuch better than being M-balmed, M-aciated, M-barassed...

There are pros to being a con. (

' “Your fired!” © Donald Trump, Enterprises ' took too long to say so it was replaced by Martha's favorite jail catchphrase: “Bunk down, bitch!” (

So you maggots think you can compete at my level, do you? (

You're.........gonna have to wear my "ankle bracelet" for the next 3 months. ( Does this mean we're "going steady"?

You'll be fired by one of my ass-kissing flunkies! ( If you want something done have to get someone else to do it for you.

The winners:

That really is a good thing...

You have to leave the "big house." (

Not to be confused with that other prison saying, "Okay, time to put your butt out"...

And that's worth a pack of smokes! (