Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(updated 12 May 03)

Really Bad Things to Hear in the Amish Chat Room

Amish don't have electricity that's why they have to chat on line by candle light. Geez you think you would research these questions before you ask them. (

I got this new cell phone with a color screen and Internet access... (

And after I finish plowing, I relax and hang out with the Alabama football coach .... ( Hey, Cad, do we give bonus points for a "2 ReBa's-in-1" answer? Three...yes.

Amish Fantasy: 1-900-976-QUILT (

I'm verily hornily! (

You call this an Amish chatroom? I call it a lamish chat room! ( Thank goodness...I nearly thought ye wrote "lambish".

I found a BUTTON in Jon's underwear drawer!! (

So, use sheep for wool??? (

Of course, my parents want me to be a carpenter, but I'm really into hairdressing. ( Pleased to meet you, Goodwife Bruce!

BrotherEzra: Brother Joseph is about as bright as a burnt out light bulb. LOL
SisterRuth: What is a light bulb? (

28/f/rockholm gardens/wearing a floor length skirt pulled just above my ankles...IM me (

QUILTS QUILTS QUILTS QUILTS QUILTS Quilts for sale!! Handmade! Msg Josiah69 for more details! QUILTS QUILTS QUILTS QUILTS QUILTS (

Confidentially ..... I'm the big star...Andy, of Amish and Andy. ( Oh they are just now getting the broadcasts...look, they're Amish, not aliens...well, at least I don't think they are.

I don't have a credit card to view your XXX website, but I could send you some chickens and a cow. (

Don't think me bad but... I dreamed I had electricity last night! There! I've said it! (

How the wildest girl in the room has had about two Mennonite... ( Wow, Henny Youngman was Amish, who knew?

Your Mother's Apple Butter SUCKS! (

ROBFLMBO (Rolling on barn floor..laughing my beard off) (

It's not my barn that needs raising. ( Ye heathen.

Horses are superior to cars . . . prithee! On Saturday night all you can do with a car is drive it. (

The winners:

Oh, Thou Art Horny:

My horse is hung, well, like a horse. (

Well, you know what they say..."Once you have to wear black..."

Mid-cyber: "I'm taking off my...bonnet." (