Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(updated 12 Sep 03)

Well, unfortunately, Leis is back in the until he gets out and up to doing another ReBa, I shall go it alone.

Really Bad Ways To Spend Time While Stationed In The Arctic

I dare ya to lick that iceberg! (

Trying to capture and document at least ONE set of identical snowflakes. (;

Develop cancer, diagnose it, and treat yourself. ( Hmmmm...sounds like it's been done before.

Testing cellphone reception -- "Can you hear me now?" (

Go outside and see how much silverware you can hang from your tongue. (

Beginner's level violin lessons. ( Much worse when someone ELSE is doing this.

OK, it's officially 49 degrees below zero and my pee still didn't freeze before hitting the ground. We'll try again at minus 50. (

Polar bear tipping. ( Then finding out once and for all if their fur is really clear.

Invite the new arrivals over to "break the ice". (;

Who else is up for penguin bowling?? (

Dress up as a giant pork chop and run around yelling, "Eat me!" This will make the OTHER guys you're stationed with think they're going insane from hunger. ( I give you a week...before someone shoots you.

"I spy with my little eye... something white!" (;

Measuring how far the snot dribbles before it freezes. (

Defrosting the fridge. (

This doesn't sound all that bad until you think about it...

Pulling an all-nighter. (