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(updated 13 Dec 03)

Really Bad Office Party Pick-up Lines
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If you show me your briefs, I'll show you mine. ( And they're off! (the ReBa's, not the briefs...)

This party is better than that day I called in and said I was sick! Really, I was out gettin' drunk! (

My husband doesn't know I'm cyberdating. (

You know, since we're not working right now, it isn't REALLY sexual harassment. ( Kinda like I must not have just keyed your car...since you really didn't see me do it?

Let me show you my Big Font! (

Hey, how'd you like to show up at work in those same clothes tomorrow? (

I hear conference room 212 has the most comfortable table. ( Remind me not to have a working lunch in there, anymore.

Hey baby, wanna give me a raise? (

Excuse me, but I think your the girl I've been wanting to see...sitting on the copier. (

Well, at least you know where to find me on Monday. (

Do you believe in public relations?...or should we go to your place? ( Imaginary bonus points for spelling "public" right.

I'm told that you work in Internal Affairs. How about you and me having one? (

I hear you haven an opening in your department, and I'd like to "fill" it. (;

I understand you'd like to work for a big firm. How about mine? ( Sorry, I just don't like the "company".

Hey, I just thought of a great way to improve morale around here... (

You can be rough with me, I think our Health Care covers it. (

If you're interested in a promotion...I'm the "Pro" who can show ya' some "motion" ( the motion of pointing to the nearest exit?

I think you'd be absolutely perfect for the position I'm thinking of. (

Wanna go over to my office and help me make some new sticky pads. (

You know, Leis...all these work entries, and not one about "putting something in my IN box"...hmmm...with that said...the winners...

Oh, you sweet talker you...

Fax toner smells good on you. (

Something tells me that arch here works in arrears...

No, I don't mind gettin' a little BEHIND in my work. (