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(Updated 13 Feb 04)

Really Bad Campaign Slogans
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Vote Democratic: We work our jackasses off for you! (

Vote Republican: No Millionaire Left Behind! (

Vote for me, and I won't shoot ya! (

Teresa Heinz Kerry: Helping her husband ketch up. ( Antici..."pay"...tion...

Vote for me...Cuz I REALLY need a job! (

Waste your vote on me! (

A vote for me is a vote for ALL my personalities! (

Kerry: Such a strong environmentalist, he's growing stuff in his eyebrows. ( It takes a village? Well, in there, he's got one!

I won't screw you as badly as the other guy! (

Bush: 4 more years! 4 more wars! (

Edwards; untainted by experience. ( Sounds like my qualifications for running this website.

Lesbians for Bush! (

My name is the easiest to pronounce. (

Vote for who you really want. We've rigged the thing anyway. ( I like truth in advertising...

Keeping promises, one lie at a time! (

"Vote for George W. Bush, the best case of brotherly love in action we've seen this century!" - Floridians For Bush (

Bush: Come on! My Dad had two terms, didn't he? ( Affectionately known here as the "bi-gone" days.

If you liked JFK, you'll love John Kerry: Same state, same hair, same trumped up war record. (

Vote for Lean, Mean, Screamin' Dean! (

Vote for me and help build a bridge to the twentieth century. ( Dan Quayle helped you write this, didn't he?

I Haven't Had A Scandal Yet! (

Trust me, I AM the lesser of two evils! (

The winners:

Sheesh...stop your dirty thinking...this has nothing to do with his twin daughters...

Together we can lick Bush! (;

How many would that be, exactly?...

Bush: A chicken in every pot, A man on every Mars (