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(Updated 14 Jun 04)

Really Bad "Robin, the Boy Wonder" Exclamations
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Holy vague-concept-stretched-to-fit-a-specific-online-contest, Batman! (

(At an airport full of bible thumper convention attendees) Holy Rollers, Batman! (

Oh God, Batman....oh God....don't stop! ( Excuse me, I suddenly feel "unclean"....

"Holy HMO...I think I smell a Rat's Ass" (

Holy Pussy! It's Cat Woman! (

"Holy Guano Batman!" (; Now you know why they always said, "To the Batcave!"

Holy War in Iraq, Batman! (

Holy Wholly Owned Subsidiary, Batman! (

Ho Lee Ching's massage parlor, Batman! ( Wow, I'll bet the show saved a ton on advertising!

Holy Hormones, Batman! I wonder if I really am a boy? (

Holy Rolie Polie Olie, Batman! (;

Holy Strawberries, Batman, we're in a jam this time! ( You know, we are of the consensus that they actually did utter this once...but we just couldn't bring ourselves to find out.

Holy Why Am I Dressed In These Loud Colors If I'm Supposed To Be A Nightcrawling Crimefighter?, Batman! (

Batman, I am really getting tired of these little you and me secrets. ( Uh oh....I think I saw this one on a 'VERY special' episode of "Diff'rent Strokes".

Holy wrong comic book, Spider-Man! (

Holy hand grenades, Batman, these Monty Python skits are silly! ( Yes, the holy hand grenade of Auntie Och...wasn't she the older lady who lived with them?

Holy shizzle, my Batnizzle (

Holy Matrimony, Batman! ( Well, yes, now it IS possible, Batman and Robin...but only in Canada and a few states.

Robin: Holy NAMBLA Batman! Do you think the American public is so naive that they will accept a TV show featuring a man and boy parading around in leather masks, leather underwear and capes? Batman: Of course they will, Robin! It's only 1966. The public isn't that hip yet. (

The winners:


Holy-groin-pinching-tights Batman! I get light-headed every time I stand up! (

Hey, it was the 60's...people only watched it to mellow out of their buzz...were you watching for the plots??...

Holy Cliche Cliffhanger Ending With No Substantive Closure In The Next Episode, Batman! (