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(updated 15 Apr 03)

Really Bad Tabloid Headlines
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Francisco Franco Still Dead! ( Guess we know how old you are now.

Michael Jackson, Liz Taylor, Oprah Caught in Three-way (

Everything Is Normal! (

Humor Me Online wins contest for best website! (

Our Editor is a Homicidal Mani-ach, gurgle, choke ( ...and he apparently can't edit on an empty stomach!

President Bush Admitted to Mensa (

God Sued By Record Execs - Must Explain Why John Lennon Is Dead But Vanilla Ice Lives (

Search For Lost Australian Bedwetter Ends - Found Incontinent (

Cadeaux Seen in Public in Women's Clothing ( So, send all Manolo Blahnik shoes in size 5 1/2 c/o this site.

United States To Reestablish Prohibition! (

I'm Having My Baby! (

Vatican Asked to Confirm: St. Elvis? ( Well, really, isn't it about time?

Hawaii Does Not Exist All a Scam to Sell Pineapples (

After Latest Operation, Jacko Agrees to Pose For Playboy (

Liz's Latest Health Scare: Neutrogena Used Past Expiration Date! ( Uh oh, I sense a comeback.

UFO PROOF FOUND! Flying Object Photographed Carries Odd G-O-O-D-Y-E-A-R Symbols on Sides! (

Add 'em Up! Russia + Germany + France = 664 - The Neighbors of the Beast! (

Slow News Day ( Enquiring minds want to know.

House Plants Plotting Destruction of Mankind "I'm Keeping my Pruning Shears Handy", Say Frightened Homemakers (

Monica Lewinski Gives Birth to Bill Clinton's Love Child....It's a Cuban!!! ( Uh, congrats on the baby, there, Bill, but...uh, I'll pass on the cigar.

Chris Rock Tops Lakers' Celebrity Fan List...Jack's Off (

The winners:

So what you are saying is the Vatican...but we can't?

Pope Declares Jokes About Him Are Funny Even If Those Who Write Them Are Going to Hell (

Hmmm...I don't know WHAT to believe anymore:

THIS JUST IN!!! All Tabloid Headlines Are Fake....see page 5!!! (