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(Updated 15 Sep 05)

Really Bad Things To Read In Your Fortune Cookie
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'The cookie you just ate was poisoned, ha ha. I hate you.' --The Cookie Guy (

Put all your money and jewelry in the hollowed-out eggroll and no one gets hurt. (

Hope you're not allergic to cats. (

1986 will be your best year yet! ( Speak for yourself...I got married that year.

Learn Chinese: Fat American Pig [insert symbols here] (

Look down....MADE YA LOOK! (

You will lose at ReBa, today. ( Ooh, that was so psychic, it was EERY!!!!

"You couldn't wait to break it open until you got home, could you, schmuck?" (

A subpoena. (

You feel lucky today. Next time, try eating a restaurant whose employees wash their hands. (

Fortune cookies never tell the truth. (But does this mean that this one is telling the truth? mmm, paradoxical) (

Spit on by #43 (

Getting the runs from Moo Goo Gai Pan means you have more room for Lemon Chicken. (

The number for Poison Control. ( ...or possibly worse yet...

If you have ingested this product accidentally contact the C.D.C. Atlanta, Georgia... (

You will never win any prizes on HMO. Thank your lucky stars! (NITRAMXXX@AOL.COM)

"Good afternoon, Mr. Phelps...the future of the free world is in your hands..." As you are reading this, the waiter hands you a large manilla envelope. (

You will need good bathroom reading material in the next five minutes. (

Gas Prices will continue to rise. - Your lucky numbers 3.99 4.99 5.99 - ( Chinese food and gas? Nope, no connection between those two things...

You will soon find things looking up. From the bottom of the lake. (

Made from recycled toilet paper. (

You left the stove on. ( one irons anymore.

This pork should be used by 9/1/2004. (

Your fiancee will reveal that she's the only member of her family who has consistently remained outside the walls of a mental institution. (

Last Week's winning lotto "Lucky Numbers" (;

The key to a healthy life is to eat more Chinese food. (I got this one once, I swear!) (

This space for rent. Call 1-800-FORTUNE ( At least it didn't say

What are ya' lookin' in here for? If you want a fortune, go out and get a job! (

Made in China....1933 ( Oh man, I hope that's an address.

If no give waiter tippee, you no get pill for poisoned fishee!! (

You just consumed enough MSG to paralyze a moose. (

**You are the Lucky Winner of a FREE Colonic Irrigation!** ( Your choice...sweet and sour sauce or hot mustard.

You will enjoy eternal life, and so will your mother-in-law. (

Confucius say: Ever notice how 'botulism' doesn't rhyme with anything? (

Your soul mate will leave you but you will soon find a cell mate. ( Look on the bright'll be getting more sex than ever.

Let's put it this way: automobile brakes are highly overrated. (

The winners:

Ancient Chinese secret, huh...

You get 2 fortune cookies, the first one says "Bless you" the second one says "AHHHCHOOOO!!" (

Great...just my luck...I get the Chinese Hallmark wannabe guy...

The trouble with a kitten is that- it provides fewer portions than a cat. (