Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(updated 17 Jan 03)

Really Bad Rejected History Channel Game Shows

HCWF: Computer animated show where historical figures wrestle and form a plot lines similar to the WWE. (

Contestants are you ready toooooooooo: NAME THAT PLAGUE (;

Aaron Burr's 'Dueling for Dollars' ( Given his aim, I give this show one episode before they need to find a new host.

Risk: The Reality Show (

Who's Reagan? - the Teen's game of Ancient History (

Stalin is Always Right! ( ...which was popular shortly after "You Bet Your Life I'm Right"...hosted by Karl Marx.

Survivor: Vesuvius (

Win Ben Franklin's Money ( "Bueller? Bueller?"

Wheel of Torture...featuring your favorite High Priest, Torquemada. (;

Beat the Hourglass (

Royal Family Feud ( Show me "Inbreeding"!

The NewlyDead Game (

The $2 from 1784 (

The ___________ Of Fortune (Before the wheel was invented) ( ...featuring Vanna turning rocks?

Moscow Squares (

Name That Tunic (

Disemboweling For Dollars ( If you think you have butterflies in your stomach now...

World War II Tell the Truth (

The winners:

I'll take Ed Asner to block!...

Guess The Has-Been Celebrity Narrator (I play this all the time. Is it Leonard Nimoy? Edward Herrmann? Martin Sheen? Stacy Keach? Sally Kellerman?) (

Bachelorette #3 is also a mummy....she likes to hang out in the peat bogs and as you can see, has her hands tied behind her back...wooohooo a real kinky gal here...

The Carbon Dating Game (