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(Updated 18 Apr 05)

Really Bad Things Overheard at Frank Perdue's Funeral

If you're not completely satisfied with his chicken, you'll never get your money back now. (

I'm actually more excited about the bereavement meal. Seems they're having frog legs. I hear they... never mind. (

During the viewing, I peeked into the casket...I swear to God...there was an egg right beside him, and a beatific smile on his face! ( Finally, someone in the Perdue family got "laid".

I hope they aren't going to call for someone to dance the Funky Chicken. (

I wish his relatives would stop pecking at my leg. (

I believe he was a member of the Fryers Club... ( ...yeah yeah...but he always felt so cooped up at their get-togethers.

I hope he gets a set of wings. (

"They say he died under the spell of a curse." "Voodoo?" "No, chicken pox." (

Look at the Tyson's guys over there, cackling like a bunch of biddy hens. My God, how cocky can you get? (

I heard he was sleeping peacefully when that little plastic thingee in his chest just popped up telling the nurse. . .he was done. ( Awwww, I wanted to make that joke!!!

He's crossed the other side of the road. (;

I heard his will stipulates that his two children will pull on his wishbone to determine who gets the estate. (

I didn't know I'd be called on to say something - I have nothing prepared. Oh well, I'll just have to wing it. (

Guess he finally put all his eggs in one casket.. ( And what a lovely casket it was, too...a honey birds-eye maple.

I heard his company is now on the block. (

I sure will miss him... he was a tough ole bird. (

Wonder if he'll turn into a poultry-geist? ( Instead of ectoplasm, his ghost will leave behind traces of chickensh*t. was nice of him to leave some of his money to his alma mater so they could add...a WING! (

The winners:

Wow, we got through the whole topic without one "finger-licken' good" joke:

The chickens are all choked. Up. (Anyone else sends that in, it's MINE, dammit! It's one of my comments on the most recent NYCM post.) (

All in all, I'd say the whole memorial service was well done...

May he rest in eight peaces. (