Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(updated 18 Aug 03)

Really Bad Pick-Up Lines During a Blackout

You are so hot! (literally) (

Singing "You Light Up My Life". (; Thank you for making me now have this song stuck in my head for the next few days.

In the dark, I don't seem so re"volt"ing, do I? That's one of my "current" jokes. (

Don't worry, baby, this love machine runs on gas. ( Ah, that explains the smell.

You have such soft so beautiful and soft...ROVER?!? (

This could be the end of the world! And the last opportunity to have sex! ( Something tells me you've used this line a few times before.

I know you can't see me, but I'm really good looking. Honest. (

Cuttin' the power was easy for MY organization. Just watch how easy it is for me to turn ON the charm! (

AC, DC, in the dark it's all the same, eh baby? ( Who made who? Who made YOU?

Pretending to be Tommy from Pinball Wizard --"Feel me, touch me..." (

Can I "see" you sometime? (

Science tells us that children conceived during a blackout have better vision. ( Better than what...the moles we are right now?

So, do you blindly grope around here very often? (

Would you hold it against me if you could find me? ( That Waldo guy sure is good at hiding.

I'm sorry, I thought those were light switches. (

We got the how's about a little "innage"? (

The winners:

Yeah...probably one of those Mini Maglites...

It's a flashlight. Trust me. (

But I'm sure she has a nice personality...

What's a beautiful girl like - wait a second here, could you move into the moonlight a little bit - YEESH! My bad! (