Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(Updated 18 Aug 04)

Really Bad Names For a Pet Cloning Service

K-9, 10, or Whatever (

Iron Dragon Chinese Restaurant (

Dead Pet? Pathetic! New Pet? Genetic! ( Well, more of a slogan, but what the hell, I liked it.

See Spot Again and Again (

Oops! (

Dupli-Cat (; This one only eats the "18 Lives" brand...

Sheeper By The Dozen (

Pussies Galore (;

Copy Cat/Copycatz (;

Oodles Of The Same Poodles ( I can just see the Chinese restaurant jokes pouring in.

Siamese Twins (

RePETition (

Carbon Guppies ( It's Homer Simpson's 3-eyed fish, all over again!

Double Dog Dare (;

It's Baaack!! (

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty Kitty Kitty (

For custom snakes, it's the Boas From Brazil ( Very cute.

Splitting Hares (

ReinCur-Nation (

I Can't Believe It's Not Buster ( Yes, murdoctor...this variation worked best. :)

202 Dalmations (

Resu-Rex (Resurrects, get it?) ( Every dog has his Day of the Dead.

New Leash on Life (

Fi-Dos (think Spanish) ( Yes, I deux get it.

Bi Now, Spay Later (

The winners:

You knew we were gonna make a joke like this eventually...

Pussy Palace. You end up with lots of really strange phone calls. (

Well, I liked these enough to make three cloned winners this time around...I doubt this will happen again at ReBa, so don't get used to it. ;)

Deja Mew (

Birds FROM a Feather (

Double-Felix (