Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(updated 19 Apr 03)

Really Bad Books About Birds

Purple Poo : How Did It Get That Way? (

Cadeaux Goes Cuckoo (

How to Kill a Mocking Bird ( Starring Gregory um... and Debra Winger?

James Audubon Ate Quail; and Other Astonishing Facts (

Beaks and Freaks... The Audubon's Nawty Guide of Birds Doing It (

Just Be Glad That Cows Don't Fly ( "Aw, look at my windshield, man..."

Bird Drops Keep Falling on My Head (

Great Tits And Other Fine British Birds (

The Pelican Brief (

Hey, Dad, What's Stuck in the Grille? Aviary Road Kill Illustrated ( Also known as "Radiator Raptor Recipes".

Field Guide to Motionless Pink Flamingos (

I Love the Taste of Cock: 100 Fabulous Chicken Recipes (

"HOOTERS"...It may turn out to be good, but the title is just so misleading. ( Hey, Cad, we should do a Hooter's ReBa--whoa, déjà vu....

Bird Watching Made Simple....Just Cut Me Off in Traffic (

The 'One Stone Murders': Isolated Incident or Disturbing Trend? (

The woodpecker lovers fully illustrated coffee table book of "America's Most Magnificent Peckers." ( "Whoa...look at the hole that one just made!"

"A Dozen Or So Ways To Describe A Dead Parrot, Plus Two Hundred Blank Pages" by John Cleese (

Frank Perdue: Murderer (

The Fowl Field Guide: An Unpheasant Experience Toucan Learn From (

Yellow Bellied Rap Suckers ( Yo, word to ya nest, boyz!

If It's Got Wings, We Can Fry It (

True Story: "Chicken Eggs: A Dozen Abortions in a Box" (

Rotting Meat Recipes - The Amateur's Guide to Attracting Vultures ( I don't know if you really need a book for this...I suggest you just wing it.

So You're a Loser... The New Practical Guide to Birdwatching (kamasushi

Stuffing Nearly Extinct Birds For Fun and Profit (

The winners:

Hey, as long as they don't do a lousy movie remake with Gwyneth Paltrow:

Thrush Thrush, Sweet Charlotte (

Ah...the eternal bird question...

Why Do We All Taste Like Chicken? (