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(Updated 19 Aug 05)

Really Bad Names For Residential Subdivisions
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Wilbanks Estates (Where You Can Run Away From It All) (

Look Out For Pigeon Crap Hill (

Landfill Estates (;

Flatulation Plantation ( ...where the real estate ain't worth a hill o' beans...

Hell's Half Acre (

Crackytown (

Over The Hills (

Mudslide Falls (

Felonbreeder Gardens - Where future stars of America's Most Wanted are sure to be raised, surprising everybody in the neighboring communities with exciting tabloid TV participation! ( Not to be confused with...

Folsom Estates: A secure, gated community. (

Pre-fab Acres (

Jayne Meadows ( Just down the street from Audrey Meadows?

Heartbreak Ridge (

Androgenous Acres (

Fleabag Acres ( That reminds me, I gotta go visit the folks in 'the home'.

"Methane Valley" with a gentle breeze you can find your way home from 12 miles out. (

I-95 EXIT 103C-VILLE ( Okay, this might be really bad..but not as bad as Turnpike Acres...Exit 14A.

Three Mile Forest (

The People's Court (

Tortilla Flats (OK, that's a real one by my house) ( Please tell me you are joking.

Lower Pittsburgh Estates (

No Takers Acres (

Ancient Indian Burial Ground Estates (; Okay, well if Craig T. Nelson's family is next door, I'm outta there!

Neverland East (

Middleclassholes ( Wasn't Rob Lowe in this movie??

Village of the Damned (

Rancho Radon-o (

Afraida Heights ( Well, it probably isn't in the best part of town.

The winners:

Okay, everyone cross their legs...

A Swift Kick in the Cul-de-sac (

It's incest a beautiful neighbourhood, too....

The mother of all subdivisions: Oedipus Complex (