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(Updated 1 Apr 05)

Really Bad Signs That James Mason Was Really a More Stoic Actor Than George Fawcett (of 'The Greatest Question' fame) Ever Was

Okay - usually it's everyone else who has a laugh at our expense...Leis and I thought it would be fun if we turned the tables once. Hey...once in three years...cut us a break. :) We did good, Leis...not even ONE person figured it least no one sent in an entry about it.

Who and WHO? ( Calm down, dear contestants, put your heads between your knees (yes, I said YOUR knees!) and then look at today's date....

Mason, who's was actually a hick from Tennessee, had himself kicked in the nuts before every scene so he could do that "uptight, sucked-in Brit" thing. (

Was this category in response to a previous one about really bad ReBa topics? ( No - but I can dig that one out next year.

How many people do you know who go around mono-intoning "George Fawcett" through pursed lips and a frozen larynx? [ If you're in the mood for a real night's entertainment, just keep alternating "James Mason" with "George SAAANders", at least until they throw you out of the joint...or your wife calls the cops. ] ( Uh, Cad, I think our prank broke HerzogVon. Nah he's stronger than that...or at least can consume alcohol stronger than that...hell I know I am.

Uh.........really bad signs that Cad and Leis have run out of ReBa ideas, and us sorry-assed contestants aren't helping with that much. (

First, watch "Journey to the Center of the Earth". Follow that with the rarely seen, "The Decks Ran Red". [ OK, stop laughing at Broderick Crawford! ] If George Fawcett can top those, more power to him. ( Can you say, "Arnie Sakmussen"? ) ( Yes...I knew there would be TWO people who would actually answer this topic were one of them.

Uh, OK, I give up! (

While filming "North By Northwest" was often mistaken for a face on Mount Rushmore.. ( You were the other one.

I say, even Dorothy Parker, noted Algonquin Round Table wit, couldn't get a laugh out of him. (

James Mason was in TALKING movies, and still managed to only convey as much expression as wax fruit. ( Awww c'mon...he didn't play second banana too many times. ;)

Wow, we've sunk to the depths of obscurity for this category. (

You know, I have no freakin'' clue who either of those guys is. Was the Mason guy the fat, grey-haired lawyer/detective my grandmother thought was hotter 'n Old Blue Eyes? ( No, that was Raymond Burr...and he wasn't all that fat...unless you are talking about Orson Welles...and he musta been hotter 'n Old Blue Eyes to have married Rita Hayworth...but he didn't have a lawyer/detective I usual.

Mason was dead fifteen years before he stopped making movies.. ( Oooh good one...altho I checked with the IMDb - it just 'appeared' that way.

Fawcett was asked to refute that contention but he remained silent. (

Who cares. I'll bet they're pretty equal now. ( Let's let super-stoic...and even John Houseman be the judge of that!

Fawcett just ACTED like he had a broomstick up his ass. Mason really did. ( I think even the IMDb doesn't have THAT bit of trivia listed. Perhaps there's a reason.

Wow...with this one, ReBa has completely jumped the shark. ( No no no - we just pretended to jump the was intentional...honest.

The winners: do have a valid point...unfortunately...we didn't...well we kinda did...happy first ever ReBa April Fool's Day!...

I Google'd 'em, and they're BOTH dead. how much more stoic do you want? (

Prank you very much!...

It's not enough that I now have to look up James Mason and George Fawcett, then you throw in stoic.. man this place is edukashunal. (