Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(updated 1 Dec 03)

Really Bad Names For Disneyland Rides

"Closed for Repairs" Roller Coaster Ride (

Tossing Coins in Walt Disney's Mouth (

Not Finished Yet: The Ride. (Ride at your own Risk) ( Not finished yet? Wow, what a coincidence, I didn't bother to finish thi...

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Poon (

Alice Through the Windshield (

The Wonders of CryoStorage: The Viewing Tour ( It's heads above the rest!

"Eat Me!" - based off Alice In Wonderland where you see yourself shrink and get large again! (

Illegal Alien Encounter (

Dumbo and Dumbo-er. ( Followed by its lame sequel, "Dumbo and Dumbo-er-er"...

Uncle Larry's Pull My Finger Swamp Ride (

Kevin Spacey Mountain (

The "Topsy Turvy..We Got All Your Loose Change" Ride (

The Bambi Shooting Gallery ( With paintballs out in the Nevada desert...right?

The Pirates of Pittsburgh: You get to beat up sausages with a baseball bat! (

The Mouse Trap ( Hmmmm...I thought that's what Disneyland is affectionately known as.

Mickey's Amazing World of Happy Meal Tie-Ins! (

It's a Small Wound ( ...and a biiiiiiig lawsuit, kids!

Goofy's Lawsuit Adventure (

The Line To Nowhere (

The winners:

"Say hello to my leetle frien'! Hyuk, hyuk!"...

Goofys' Tragic Bloodbath (

Also known as The Olfactory Ride...

The Crowded Place With People From Cultures Where Personal Space Is Not Recognized (